RIDC Park . 107 Gamma Drive Suite 130 . Pittsburgh, PA 15238 . (412) 963-9000




Cybex Arc Trainer


Cybex sees beyond today’s trends to deliver a new and honest approach to cross-training — the “right way to work out.” The Arc Trainer was developed with the “correct arc of motion,” a user-friendly path that reaches new heights in biomechanics. It delivers a safe, effective workout based on body basics, not fitness fads.

The new revolutionary CYBEX Arc Trainer at Evolutionary Fitness in Pittsburgh offers an intense workout that blows away everyone who tries it. The Arc Trainer packs a punch by combining elements of a climber, cross-trainer and cross-country skier. Like all CYBEX fitness equipment, it's designed to give the least amount of stress on joints while maintaining the highest level of performance.

RIDC Park . 107 Gamma Drive . Suite 130 . Pittsburgh, PA 15238 . (412) 963-9000 

Gym Hours: 24/7, Staff Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 to 1 and 4 to 8, Friday 8 to 1 and 3:30 to 6:30

and on the weekends from 8 to 12

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